Want to give your tote bags a personal touch? You can do so with watercolour pencils and blocks, and aloe vera gel, a fun and zero waste technique for decorating textiles. You’ll take home a beautiful bag and inspiration to continue at home.


On our way towards a energy neutral economy, plastic shopping bags have been replaced by reusable canvas bags. What’s even better: often these bags have a print on just one side, leaving you with a blank canvas on the other side. Let’s customize it with a drawing of something you care about, with zero waste technique, of course.


A not widely known but very fun and accessible technique to draw on textile is by means of Inktense pencils and blocks and aloe vera gel. No need for single use textile markers nor chemical textile mediums. A bit of ironing over baking paper, done. Very simple and accessible items that open up a lot of new possibilities.


Short: open workshop at the booth. Any attendant can take a seat at the table, and I show how it works. No prior experience needed, and for those who didn’t bring a tote bag, they are available at my booth. Finishing your bag will take at least half an hour.

Long: participants enroll on forehand for a 2 hour workshop. I give an explanation and demonstration. Participants try out the technique on a sample tissue, then sketch out their design on a piece of paper, and then apply it to their bag.